My Story

I love my Scentsy Business, 5 + years and it gets better every year! I've sold other products before but never gotten very far. Who knew this little candle business would offer so many rewards. From the very simple note to all expense paid vacations. I've earned cash bonuses and free products. I'm paying of debt. Met amazing women who have become the best of friends. Watched my son go from painfully shy to sociable. I have stories of fun adventures and I'm doing things I never dreamed I could do or would do. Don't get me wrong I work hard it doesn't happen while sittting on the couch eating bon bons, lol. I'd love to share more, answer your questions, show off product, and the friends will tell you I could talk Scentsy all day. If your wondering Along with Scentsy I am a single mom, I work a full time job as an RN in a busy ER and I homeschool my special needs son. Call me, message me...I'd love to talk to you more and answer any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping in and we'll talk real soon.     <!--endbody-->